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Daycare - Daily Activities

We follow a daily schedule and tailor each day's activities based on what the children are interested in and, to some degree, the weather. The children love the outdoors. We go outside at least 2 hours every day. (We take the learning outdoors with us.)


We do some preschool activities but our emphasis is on learning through play. Play lays the groundwork for a future of engaged learning. We use the Mother Goose Time early learning curriculum, an award-winning program based on learning through play.

Our activities include:

Meals and Snacks

Each day we serve a nutritious morning snack, lunch, and afternoon snack; all per USDA nutrition guidelines.

Lunch may include

Snacks may include

Infants: We coordinate your infant's feeding schedule at Crystal Care Daycare to mirror their feeding schedule at home. We work closely with you when your infant is transitioning to solid foods, as appropriate.

Naps and Rest Periods

We have rest time every day at noon for all children five and younger. Children who are six and older are encouraged to nap, but may do quiet activities while younger children sleep.

If you think we may be the right fit for your family, we would love to give you a tour and answer your questions. Learn more about getting started.

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"You are guaranteed not to have your child just sit in front of a television all day. Crystal is very hands on and will get down on the floor and play with your child." ~ LeAnn

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